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      SMT suction nozzle cleaning machine hl-893


      內容詳情/Details of the content

      SMT suction nozzle cleaning machine hl-893
      Overall dimension (L * w * h): 598 × 396 × 365 mm
      Power supply (two phase two wire): 2p2w, 220VAC, 50 / 60Hz, 20A
      Power requirement: 250W
      Air source pressure: 0.5 - 0.6MPa (under normal operation)
      Weight: About 40kg
      Total power: 200W
      Touch screen + PLC control mode
      Air source: pure compressed air
      Injection pressure: 0.4 MPa
      Below 280min: air consumption
      Liquid type: Industrial purified water
      Liquid consumption: 300cc / h
      Liquid storage capacity: 800cc
      Intake / drain: ¢ 8 / ¢ 6
      Nozzle tray specification: 30 nozzles by default
      Cleaning nozzle specification: 0201 - 2512 (inch)
      Noise: 35-60 DB