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      SMT suction nozzle detector hl-f3


      內容詳情/Details of the content

      SMT suction nozzle detector hl-f3 (all in one machine can be upgraded)
      Equipment parameters:
      Length * width * height: 500 * 510 * 1000mm
      Power input: AC220 V / 50 Hz
      Leakage protection overload switch: AC220V / 50Hz, 10a, leakage current 0.03A
      Power output: AC220 V / 50 Hz, 10 A
      Computer communication port: connect computer host computer
      Number of nozzles: 30 / plate
      Equipment function: observe the internal blockage of the suction nozzle. By directly installing the cleaning tray, it is easy to check, take photos and save, and analyze the defects