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      Future development of industrial automation equipment

      During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Ministry of science and technology will take the lead in organizing the "demonstration project of innovative application of CNC first generation mechanical products" (hereinafter referred to as "demonstration project"), comprehensively promote the application of CNC technology, realize the transformation and upgrading of China's mechanical products, improve the independent innovation ability and product added value of mechanical products, and vigorously promote the scientific and technological progress in the field of mechanical engineering.
      Numerical control technology is a technology that combines the movement of mechanical equipment and automatic control of working process. Its application will change the connotation of manufacturing equipment and products, enrich the functions of traditional manufacturing equipment and products, and make a qualitative leap in performance. It is an important symbol of the core competitiveness of a national manufacturing industry and the overall manufacturing technology level.
      Great achievements have been made in the development of industrial automation equipment in China, but there are still some serious problems in mechanical products, such as low added value and weak competitiveness. High end mechanical products still rely on imports. Lack of product innovation and quality problems are the main reasons for this situation.
      The outline of the 12th Five Year Plan for China's national economic and social development points out that the 12th Five Year Plan period is a key period for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and is a crucial period for deepening reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. We must deeply understand and accurately grasp the new characteristics of the domestic and foreign situation, continue to seize and make good use of the important period of strategic opportunities, and strive to create a new situation of scientific development. ”To speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, the most fundamental thing is to rely on the strength of science and technology, and the most important thing is to improve the ability of independent innovation.
      Industrial automation equipment is a strategic industry that provides high-end technology and equipment for national economic development and national defense construction. It has prominent characteristics such as technical significance, high added value, large growth space and strong driving effect. It is the high-end link of equipment manufacturing industry and the core link of industrial chain. The development level of industrial automation equipment is an important symbol to measure the degree of national modernization and comprehensive national strength 。 Generally speaking, China has become a real equipment manufacturing country, but it is not a powerful equipment manufacturing country.