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      Automatic desktop camera focusing machine hl-910f

      Automatic camera focusing machine hl-910f
      Device information
      The device integrates automatic focusing, dispensing and UV violet light curing. The device is designed as a 3-position rotating mode, and the lens is clamped in the fixed base mode for rotary focusing. The self-developed focusing system can carry out fast focusing and accurate focusing mode. The precise focusing mode can accurately measure and calculate to find the best clear point of the camera as the focusing benchmark. The rapid focusing mode can improve the production efficiency. The system compares the set parameters and determines whether the product is OK or ng. OK products automatically enter the dispensing and curing system, while ng products do not carry out dispensing and curing, and the discharging station will alarm automatically. The device is strong in applicability and is not limited by pixels. The device subverts the traditional focusing principle. It uses imported CCD to read the pixels on the chip directly through the point light source, and automatically measures and calculates an optimal clear point as the focusing reference. Then, it compensates different data according to different camera products, so as to solve the problem of clear center point and fuzzy edge often occurred in manual focusing 。 The completion time of a single product is 8-14 seconds, and the time is determined according to the length of the lens (focus).

      1、 Technical parameters:

      2、 Focusing principle: physical optical reaction of coaxial point light
      According to the different beams reflected by the long wave light at the near and far focus points, the data is analyzed through the acquisition, and then the machine is driven to rotate the lens to complete the capture and locking of the focus position.
      3、 Product features: new three position automatic camera focusing machine hl-910f. Fast focusing, dispensing, UV curing, three function machine! Self developed focusing system, clear interface, simple operation and easy to learn! Using industrial flat industrial computer, touch operation, software function is complete, elegant appearance! Small occupied position, easy to operate. Completion time, 8 to 14 seconds for a product, depending on the length of the lens