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      New products to be launched soon (desktop type automatic security camera focusing machine)

      Major notice:
      In order to meet the market demand of security industry and save the cost of purchasing equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises, the company has successfully developed a cheap and convenient desktop type full-automatic security camera focusing machine! The design concept and function of the equipment completely refer to the company's large focusing equipment, only the appearance of the equipment and the number of work stations are changed! The company aims to save costs for enterprises without affecting its use function, so that small and medium-sized enterprises in the security industry can also replace the traditional manual mode with intelligent operation mode, so as to improve production efficiency and save labor costs! The equipment will be launched in the near future, welcome to order! We will bring the highest product quality and the best service for all enterprise friends!
      Desktop type automatic focusing machine features: fully automatic focusing, focusing, dispensing, curing Trinity operation at the same time, fast speed, simple operation, easy to learn! Precise focus and rapid glue curing can solve the problem of edge blur!